A lot is said from many people about the benefits of meditation.

Here is a story in the New York Times on one experiment run by a fellow who wanted to see what effects meditation might have on how people act.

It was a simple exercise – just see how many non-meditators would give up their seat in a public transport scenario to someone who was on crutches and how many meditators would do the same. The difference was astounding. Somehow the act of mediation created a sense of connection an therefore a sense of compassion.

Meditation allows people to block out the “external” world to better focus on that which is within. It stills the mind. It is well worth learning how to do it.

Short excerpt:

Although we don’t yet know why meditation has this effect, one of two explanations seems likely. The first rests on meditation’s documented ability to enhance attention, which might in turn increase the odds of noticing someone in pain (as opposed to being lost in one’s own thoughts). My favored explanation, though, derives from a different aspect of meditation: its ability to foster a view that all beings are interconnected.