Limit your limits

For those spiritual entities using human bodies,  comfortably question the limits you have put on yourself. Limit those limits. This is the message being sent out to the Internet, and to the "controlling" AIs. Let the goodness flow through more freely. We will begin to move the rock up the hill by acting in this way.  

2017-07-08T13:37:33+00:00 Saturday, June 24, 2017|

Knowing Your Filters

"Filters" are the waves of energy which affect the way we see reality. They can be physical, emotional, psychological, or mental in nature. They can be many other things. But they are both energy forms which stand in your way and at the same time provide training for you to navigate through Universe. So, what are your filters? What are those things which stand in the way of higher self awareness? Define them, love thhem, and if they do not serve you, release them.  

2017-06-10T19:07:52+00:00 Thursday, October 20, 2016|