Knowing Your Filters

Filters are the energetic waves which lie in front of you as you. They can be emotional, psychological, physical in nature, or be something very different. The filters give you the view of Universe you are experiencing. So to peer through the filters, in order to expand awareness, it is advisable to understand what your filters are, not to dwell on them per se, but to understand what needs to be worked through. Love them, and then release them, for expanded awareness and the ability to more fully choose your illusion.

The Illusion Is Strong

The illusion of physicality is strong. But it is surmountable.

How Much of Your Illusion can You Choose?

The limit one has in how much of their illusion they can create is directly defined by what they believe their limits are.

Stepping out

Taking consciousness out of the human perspective is challenging but can be done. Confidence/Knowing is key to expanded awareness.

Change is occurring even though there seems to be little change

The key is what is happening behind the scenes, not what you are aware of. After all, the brain is quite limited. Feeling the flow of the creative process outside of what the brain can perceive is both possible and when it occurs quite profound.