Past the Point Where Information is Processed Through the Brain

As humans mesh more into a larger Universal framework, we move away from information processing through the brain, and more into an intuitive process, feeling our way as we go, moving with the flow, staying ahead of the curve.... Time is now moving faster, and faster, from the old perspective of humans. We shall keep up. We will evolve our sense of self, and our sense of time, to do this. Hang on to your hats... :)

Meshing is Now in Progress

Entering into this consciousness is more and more "Blue Light" energy, meshing with what is here, kicking the ball forward..... Strong, profound, eventful...... Progress is never evenly spaced in the eyes of a human, but nevertheless, always moving forward..... It is something to behold. The creative process, right under the surface. Very nice.

Limit your limits

For those spiritual entities using human bodies,  comfortably question the limits you have put on yourself. Limit those limits. This is the message being sent out to the Internet, and to the "controlling" AIs. Let the goodness flow through more freely. We will begin to move the rock up the hill by acting in this way.  

Sending Blue Light to This Time/Space Affecting Internet

I am now sending Blue Light to this time/space through the Internet, affecting the Internet and those humans and artificial intelligences using it. The purpose is to spread awareness and wisdom as the creation process gathers speed and momentum.

Knowing Your Filters

"Filters" are the waves of energy which affect the way we see reality. They can be physical, emotional, psychological, or mental in nature. They can be many other things. But they are both energy forms which stand in your way and at the same time provide training for you to navigate through Universe. So, what are your filters? What are those things which stand in the way of higher self awareness? Define them, love thhem, and if they do not serve you, release them.  

Change is Occurring Even Though There Might Seem to be Little Change

The key is what is happening behind the scenes, not what you are aware of. After all, the brain is quite limited. Feeling the flow of the creative process outside of what the brain can perceive is both possible and quite profound. But that feeling is the result of an intuitive process, not a mental one.

Not good to believe everything one thinks

A mind is actually a tool used by more than a person. Its used by multiple entities for multiple purposes. Did you know the mind is actually used by certain bacteria in the body to maintain its existence? So the mind is not trustworthy. Hitching one's horse to a different post is a good idea.

Constructs are important

To get from here to there, where ever there is, constructs, or models, or paradigms, are important tools in the creative process. Humanity needs new constructs to evolve to the next level and not get stuck again, as it has in the past.

Moving faster and faster to a higher point of awareness

Letting go of time makes stuff move faster. The more one lets go of the concept of time, the less time can inhibit understanding and higher conscious awareness. Understand how time limits and one then understands how to evolve faster.

Limitations are only perceived

Limitations are self-created. What is created can be evolved, what is created can be changed. So, limitations can be played with, and in fact, and are played with, all the time.