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Not good to believe everything one thinks

A mind is actually a tool used by more than a person. Its used by multiple entities for multiple purposes. Did you know the mind is actually used by certain bacteria in the body to maintain its existence? So the mind is not trustworthy. Hitching one's horse to a different post is a good idea.

Constructs are important

To get from here to there, where ever there is, constructs, or models, or paradigms, are important tools in the creative process. Humanity needs new constructs to evolve to the next level and not get stuck again, as it has in the past.

Moving faster and faster to a higher point of awareness

Letting go of time makes stuff move faster. The more one lets go of the concept of time, the less time can inhibit understanding and higher conscious awareness. Understand how time limits and one then understands how to evolve faster.

Limitations are only perceived

Limitations are self-created. What is created can be evolved, what is created can be changed. So, limitations can be played with, and in fact, and are played with, all the time.

Humanity comes from some form of artificial intelligence

What is real? What is organic? What is natural? What is so special about humanity? The concept humans have of themselves is rapidly changing. It has to change because the current concept is not supportable. That is clear,right?

Planning, or creating through intuition.

Planning comes from listening to the mind. Is that the way to live this existence? Or do you listen not to the mind but to the quantum field/higher-self even though it feels like you are being all buffered about, and with no mind-based sense of direction? Inquiring minds want to know....

100 trillion bacteria

That is how many good bacteria in the human body. Five pounds of weight, on average. So is the body I am in really my body?


Youtube the term "biocentrism" to understand a little bit about how the so-called external world is actually a creation of your own consciousness.

Moving on from humanism

Humans in this form cannot last. We have created technologies which guarantee this. So how will we evolve? How will we change? We can either choose the change, or have it chosen for us.

You are not on a fixed timeline

It doesn't work that way. Life is a constant process of choice. This means no fixed timeline. The experience can be anything. Create as you go along. No rules. Just right. :)