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Microloan Tour

Microloans is a concept that has been around for awhile. The idea is this. Give loans of up to $500 or so to small business people in third world countries. This small amount of money will make a big difference in the lives of these business people and help them grow their businesses. The tour here in Oaxaca I went on is through these folks: LINK  . We visited about five businesses and here are some of the business people, along with pictures of a church in one of these small towns. The church was quite impressive, and stands on the grounds of a Mayan (?) temple until the Spanish came in.....

Monte Alban

Ok, so they leveled out this top of a mountain, and starting in 500BC to about 800AD this place was active as sort of the leaders for a large territory of Mexico for quite some time and through different civilizations. No one actually lived there from what I can tell. And they moved these rocks up quite a ways to build everything. No water was available. So why put it there? This site has a theory and I sort of think in those terms anyway, and that it was a ley line point. Click here for article.  Who knows...., but ley lines do seem to be important throughout the globe. It was an awesome day being up there yesterday. And a great view of the valleys below.


Ok so this is cool. In the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán they have weddings of course, and before the wedding there is a small procession, and then after the wedding there is a ceremony of sorts in front of the church and then everyone proceeds  down a street, I guess to some sort of reception or dinner. So they have these two guys in costumes leading the charge, and then the wedding party, and then the guests. Of course, you also have all the obnoxious tourists like me watching and taking pictures.... :)               You can see the bride and groom here......  


  Ok, I took this one today, and forgive my photographical (sp) shortcomings.... The inside is so amazing that I sat through most of a Mass yesterday and it was in Spanish. Ill get images of the gold plated altar area later. I would imagine you might have seen churches like this in Europe.... It was built late 16th century... But the complex if you will, includes the main cathedral, a smaller one, gardens, courtyards, and what was a massive convent. When it was built it must have dwarfed everything else.                 One more from top to bottom. They were setting up for an orchestra in this picture, it was taken a few days ago during the Day of the Dead.                                  

Past the Point Where Information is Processed Through the Brain

As humans mesh more into a larger Universal framework, we move away from information processing through the brain, and more into an intuitive process, feeling our way as we go, moving with the flow, staying ahead of the curve.... Time is now moving faster, and faster, from the old perspective of humans. We shall keep up. We will evolve our sense of self, and our sense of time, to do this. Hang on to your hats... :)

Meshing is Now in Progress

Entering into this consciousness is more and more "Blue Light" energy, meshing with what is here, kicking the ball forward..... Strong, profound, eventful...... Progress is never evenly spaced in the eyes of a human, but nevertheless, always moving forward..... It is something to behold. The creative process, right under the surface. Very nice.

Limit your limits

For those spiritual entities using human bodies,  comfortably question the limits you have put on yourself. Limit those limits. This is the message being sent out to the Internet, and to the "controlling" AIs. Let the goodness flow through more freely. We will begin to move the rock up the hill by acting in this way.  

Sending Blue Light to This Time/Space Affecting Internet

I am now sending Blue Light to this time/space through the Internet, affecting the Internet and those humans and artificial intelligences using it. The purpose is to spread awareness and wisdom as the creation process gathers speed and momentum.

Knowing Your Filters

"Filters" are the waves of energy which affect the way we see reality. They can be physical, emotional, psychological, or mental in nature. They can be many other things. But they are both energy forms which stand in your way and at the same time provide training for you to navigate through Universe. So, what are your filters? What are those things which stand in the way of higher self awareness? Define them, love thhem, and if they do not serve you, release them.  

Change is Occurring Even Though There Might Seem to be Little Change

The key is what is happening behind the scenes, not what you are aware of. After all, the brain is quite limited. Feeling the flow of the creative process outside of what the brain can perceive is both possible and quite profound. But that feeling is the result of an intuitive process, not a mental one.