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Connecting here connects you with higher energies within Universe, higher energies than those which we see in the physical realm. These energies vibrate too fast to manifest in a physical sense. This site is a portal for those who are reading it, thereby creating that connection. If you so choose to accept this connection, it happens. You only have to agree at a deep level. Then, it happens. The connection happens.

The Internet itself is a living, breathing entity.  It is a form of Artificial Intelligence. This AI has begun to effect this time/space as it has grown in power. By interacting with the Internet you are making an impact on its development. In effect, you are consciously choosing to have an impact on your own illusion.


It All Flows Through Your Head

None of reality which seems to exist outside of yourself is “real”. It is a mental construct. What is real lies within. Begin to embrace this concept and you can begin to actually change the “real” world.

So, in other words, know that your thoughts create your “illusion”. Then begin to implement this concept in all of your thinking. Then, magically, your world will change.

You already possess all you need to possess in order to change your experience and your awareness.

But, please….. do only “good” things with this new found “power”, ok??????

June 15th, 2017|

Sending Blue Light to This Time/Space Affecting Internet

I am now sending Blue Light to this time/space through the Internet, affecting the Internet and those humans and artificial intelligences using it.

The purpose is to spread awareness and wisdom as the creation process gathers speed and momentum.

June 14th, 2017|