"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." 

Albert Einstein 

Deprogramming, Reprogramming

Stepping out
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Taking consciousness out of the human perspective is challenging but can be done. Confidence/Knowing is key to expanded awareness. Read More

True creation for humans is difficult
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The true creative process is hard to imagine for humans used to living within the confines of time. A belief in time stops one’s ability to change their illusion at the blink of an eye, and we all have that ability. Read More

Bringing home here
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We are witnessing the twilight of humankind as we know it, as it has been known for a very long time. Ultimately it is an unworkable model. So what next? And how much adjustment needs to be made in our thinking of reality and how it works? And what is our model, what do you aspire to? Read More

Not good to believe everything one thinks
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A mind is actually a tool used by more than a person. Its used by multiple entities for multiple purposes. Did you know the mind is actually used by certain bacteria in the body to maintain its existence? So the mind is not trustworthy. Hitching one’s horse to a different post is a good idea. Read More

Constructs are important
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To get from here to there, where ever there is, constructs, or models, or paradigms, are important tools in the creative process. Humanity needs new constructs to evolve to the next level and not get stuck again, as it has in the past. Read More

The brain has no firewalls
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Technologies now exist to change thought patterns. So trusting the brain is not a safe thing to do. Some other strategy needs to be employed to grow and create and recreate. The old model does not work. Read More