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Greetings. This is the personal and business home page for Jim Ingham. 

For my business  I work with companies on their websites and Internet presences. For samples of my work and references please communicate with me. I work mainly on sites which offer some sort of metaphysical or spiritual value to our world. For quotes and and an idea of whether we should work together on your website, please contact me. My rates are very low for projects which resonate to me.

On a personal basis I spend my time on understanding the nature of Universe and human existence.  I travel and live in multiple places annually, both domestic and international. My home is in Boulder, Colorado.

The “Contemplate This” link are thoughts on the nature of our existence collected over time.

The “Travels with Charley” is borrowed from the John Steinbeck book, and I have this area of this website under construction, cataloging where I have been. 

 Thank you for visiting.