"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." 

Albert Einstein 

Deprogramming, Reprogramming

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Youtube the term “biocentrism” to understand a little bit about how the so-called external world is actually a creation of your own consciousness. Read More

Moving on from humanism
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Humans in this form cannot last. We have created technologies which guarantee this. So how will we evolve? How will we change? We can either choose the change, or have it chosen for us. Read More

You are not on a fixed timeline
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It doesn’t work that way. Life is a constant process of choice. This means no fixed timeline. The experience can be anything. Create as you go along. No rules. Just right. Read More

Humans – what next?
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This “reality” is ending for humans. So, what next? It all depends on what you choose to experience. There is no preordained future. There is only our creative ability, through your programming capabilities. This is what humans will soon learn……. Read More

Mind, body, and spirit are lenses to Universe
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So are things like past lives, energy attachments, and a host of other aspects of Universe. Letting Universe flow fully through these lenses allows for expanded awareness. This allows one to know who/what they really are. Read More

Its all flows through your head
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None of reality exists outside of that which one creates. I know – it’s hard to believe. The external world seems so real. But scientific research supports this notion. So know that all one “sees” comes from within. Thinking that reality is external to one is, well, wrong….. Read More

Organic life

Welcome new world

What you think is what you get

Building blocks