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Emotional Health Solutions?

Everyone has issues that make life a bit more difficult than it should be. Is this why you are here? What to do about anxiety and stressAre you struggling to find answers?  PathAcross.com offers alternative answers to those seeking relief. You can learn about available options for different needs and can shop here in our expanding store. Some answers might be available to you here that the traditional news media hasn’t shared with you.

Our focus is on electrical, magnetic, and cold laser technologies. We have found them to be very effective in many cases in helping people with mental, physical, or emotional challenges. You can use these technologies to better your life after doing just a bit of research on how they all work. Read more throughout our site on these tools which could help make you be the best you can be.

(The alternative healthcare market is a bit tricky to navigate. There are a lot of regulations focused on this area, and the products we show fall into many categories. Please read the overall disclaimer at the bottom of each page, and then the specifics on each product or service. We needed to say all that).


Need relief or answers now? Are some of these technologies new to you?

If you have needs that are creating anxiety for you or stopping you from living to your full potential, we have some solutions here.  We talk everyday to people who have never heard of some of the electrical, magnetic, and laser tools shown here. Many of these technologies have been scientifically tested for certain needs people have. For different reasons, they may not be well known as answers for your needs.  We work with different manufacturers who are creating great products that could make your life easier. Now, maybe you have, and that’s great! Regardless, working with PathAcross.com gives you the products you need with a high level of service. Check back often for more products and more information that could be valuable to you.


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We are available by phone (904-233-6290), email, or Skpe (inghamjim) at any time if you need to communicate with us before ordering. Let us help you help yourself as you address the issues you are facing. Sometimes you just have to think outside of he box.